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VuiGue FAQs

Karaoke Machines

Q:Does it take batteries?
A:The mics don't come with any batteries and are powered by AA batteries.
Q:Will it work when plugged in?
A:Yes.  However, we suggest not to use it when charging, since it will reduce the life of battery.
Q:Where do you get the music with lyrics?
A:It is easy to search on youtube for songs. you just connect the speaker to an ipad/computer/tv/phone and follow along with the lyrics on your ipad/computer/tv/phone while the sound plays through the speaker.
Q:Can I use YouTube and connect it to my tv?
A:Yes you can. Your tv needs to have a Bluetooth connection or you can use amazon fire stick Bluetooth to connect to the tv.
Q:Can it record , what you are singing?
A:Yes,it works.  Make sure TF card or USB is plugged into.
Q:No voice from mic when singing or when talking to mic, the music will stop play?
A:Please close "mic priority function" (a button painted with mic icon on the panel).
Q:Will this machine use cd also?
A:No,it doesn't.
Q:Hi! my tv does not have bluetooth capability. can i still connect the machine to tv?
A:You need to connect the audio output of TV with cable to AUX IN (3.5mm jack) of speaker.
Q:How can I connect it to my smart tv?
A:First, make sure the Karaoke machine is on Blutooth mode and then go into the TV setting and turn on Bluetooth. Find the machine name and connect.
Q:One of mics does not connect to the unit, how can I fix this problem?
A:Please log in your account and contact our customer service directly. Or send a message to our
Q:Where can I buy a replacement/extra microphone?
A:Please choose B07VMDYL7W.
Q:How do I connect the karaoke machine to the tv?
A:If you want to be able to see the video/text on your TV you can connect your smartphone to your TV and take the audio via AUX to the input of the Karaoke machine, that way you will have the voice and music coming from the Karaoke machine and the video/text on the TV and Voila!!

VW-022 UHF Wireless Microphone

Q:Would this work for a computer ? how could i plug this in for usb ?
A:We recommend not to record on computer, but only to use computer to provide background music for karaoke. Then you just need to connect laptop and VW-022 via the 3.5mm cable, not need for the USB.
Q:Can I plug this into a soundbar and a tv to do karaoke?
A:Get the sound output from your TV and plug it into the input on the receiver. From the receiver plug that into the input of your soundbar.
Q:I could not get these microphones to work?
A:1.Check whether A and B indicators light up. If no, please replace batteries.
2.If yes, please check whether the connection of receiver with speaker/amp is firm and whether the volume knobs are turned up.
Q:How does it connect to the TV?
A:It doesn't normally connect to TV. It's a pair of wireless mikes and receiver. The receiver plugs into an audio input jack on a receiver or amp, and possibly a TV if it has an audio input jack.
Q:Is there a mute function on the mics?
A:Hello, there is no mute function on the mics.
Q:What to do if the background music is too loud and the mixed mics is too quiet?
A:1.Use 1/4" audio cable instead of RCA cable to connect the receiver with speaker/amp through 1/4" jack.
2.Turn down the input music. Or stream the music to speaker/amp directly so that you can adjust the volume of music and mics separately.
Q:Is the product covered by warranty?
A:Yes, the VuiGue VW-022 is covered by a two-year warranty. If you encounter any operation problems or product quality related issues during use, please feel free to contact us.
Q:Can I connect the receiver to a bluetooth speaker using Aux cable?
A:Hi, no, it can not be connected with aux input. If your speaker has mic input, it would be fine.
Q:How to connect to tv for YouTube karaoke?
A:You need to buy a digital converter (from optical to analog). Then connect the RCA audio cable to your mixer or amplifier input.
Q:Can i connect this direct to a speaker?
A:if the speaker is built in amplifier yes you can

VG-016 USB Microphone

Q:Audio sounded terrible and very loud with hissing sound.
A:Don't use speaker and our mic at the same time. Please try the headphone. If you still would like to use the speaker, please keep some distance with mic when talking or turn down the volume of speaker.
Q:Does this mic require an external power source like phanton power?
A:Hi, No additional power required, its plug and play.
Q:Does this work with playstation 4
A:No,it doesn't.
Q:Does it come with any software that can cancel background noise?
A:Download “Audacity” (for Windows PC). It’s free and it has an awesome noise reduction filter. It is a full fledged audio editing software and you can easily edit a podcast on it.
Q:Can this microphone (and a adapter) work with mobile?
A:VG-016 is a kind of microphone especially for computers; it does not support mobile phones.
Q:When I plug in the mic it says that the input is not recognized or the equipment is malfunctioning. Please advise.
A:Hi, we suggest you change the USB slot or pull out the microphone, then restart the computer and plug in the microphone again, if it still can't work please contact us and we will offer you the satisfied solution.
Q:Do you have to assemble it?
A:Hello, you only need to assemble the bracket.
The assembly of the bracket is very simple and can be completed by simply screwing the screw for 1 minute.
And you don't need extra tools to assemble it.

WM-2 Wireless Microphone

Q:Can you use both mics at the same time?
A:Yes,of course.
Q:How can I connect and use these mic with my laptop or cellphone for karaoke?
A:Hello, this mic is compatible with the karaoke machine, speaker, amplifier, mixer, but can not be used with the computers/ phones/ tablets. Thank you for your inquiry.
Q:Will it work with Android TV box?
A:Hello, If there is a mic input on Android TV box, then it works.
Q:What karoke machine are these compatable with?
A:Hello, usually this product is compatible with a karaoke machine which has a 6.35mm MIC input.
Q:Can it be connected with my Mac?
A:No, it can't be used with Mac. The receiver of WM-2 has a 6.35mm plug, but Mac does not support this input method. It is compatible with mixer, portable speaker, AMP, karaoke machine, etc.
Q:Can 4 microphones be used together?
A:Yes, each mic has 15 adjustable frequencies, support 15 sets used simultanously, which means up to 30 microphones can be used together and will not interfere with each other.
Q:Can the reciever & mic be used while charging?
A:Hello, we do not recommend using it when charging, it will damage the battery.
Q:Does this work with a sound bar?
A:As long as you have an input or mike jack.
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